Intramundana is an investment company that acts as holding company (stocks and shares) of a group of companies for the purpose of their strategic direction and management, while also providing them with central services. Its main subsidiary brands are Santa & Cole, Urbidermis and Belloch. 

The company has come a long way since 1985, when Javier Nieto Santa, Gabriel Ordeig Cole, Nina Masó and a group of other friends embarked on their project to become a small, independent and global publisher of good design products. Twenty years later, that early Santa & Cole Ediciones de Diseño S.A. was renamed Intramundana S.A., after segregating the various branches of its activity into different subsidiaries, all specialising in their respective fields.

Belloch Forestal
Belloch Forestal, Airpot

In 2003, the company purchased Belloch (bello loco, “beautiful place”), a privileged estate with over 140 hectares located in the municipality of La Roca, 30 km north of Barcelona, where today all of the group’s companies and others are domiciled.

Working for the world from Belloch has strengthened our values and convictions. In the heart of the countryside, we are at one with nature and conscious of our social responsibility: we seek the best coexistence and the most urgent defence of our planet, working among ourselves and partnering with others.