Cestita Miguel Milá, 1962. Santa & Cole

Intramundana S.A. is a holding company that invests in other companies for promoting their business. Incorporated in Barcelona (Spain) in 1985 under the name of Santa & Cole Ediciones de Diseño S.A., it changed its social name in 2005 after segregating the varied operations among the different dedicated subsidiaries.

Intramundana’s investment philosophy is implemented in three areas, always attentive to the demanding moral criteria of good design:

  • The development of knowledge, products and services offering advantages to the practical life of the individual PERSON and, where possible, promoting beauty.
  • Contributing to splendour and, through their use, foster the common good and civic values, inalienable principles of our CITY life, and which encourage a peaceful community coexistence.
  • Without excesses or arrogance, using materials and technologies in the correct proportions, attentive to the wisdom of those who recognise the obligation and urgency of safeguarding our most precious common good, the PLANET.

The PERSON – CITY – PLANET trilogy is the very essence of our interest and manifests itself in the corporate purpose of our investees.