Board of Directors


Javier Nieto Santa, Ph. D.


Eulalia Vilaclara

Board Members

José Manuel Abel
Claudia Nieto
Nina Ordeig
Manel Peiró, Ph. D.
Manuel de Tord

Non-voting Secretary

Andrés Blay


This web page is the corporate site of Intramundana, S.A. and was created by the decision adopted by the General Shareholders’ Meeting held on 14 December 2012, under Article 11 bis of the Spanish Corporations Act [Ley de Sociedades de Capital]. 

Intramundana, S.A. guarantees the security of this page, the authenticity of the documents published on it and free access hereto, offering the possibility of downloading and printing the material published on it. 

Official notices of the General Shareholders’ Meeting 

Pursuant to article 173 of the Spanish Corporations Act and article 15 of the Articles of Association of Intramundana, S.A., ordinary or extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meetings shall be convened by notice published on this medium. 

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